Having a comfortable chair can make all the difference to your working experience and that of your staff & visitors.  Select from our extensive range of executive, ergonomic, task, visitors, cafe, lunchroom and occasional chairs made from top quality materials.  We offer many different colours, shapes and sizes that will enhance the look of your office environment and ensure the comfort of the user.

In Summary we offer:

* Great Range of Chairs.
* Great Choice of Fabrics.
* Ergonomic Options.
* Environmentally Friendly Options.
* Local & Imported Models.
* Supply, Delivery, Installation & Environmental Disposal of Old.
* Industry leading Warranty’s & service.
* Built to last as well as to provide comfort to the user.

Here are two of our most popular fabric ranges to help make the selection of your chair easier.  We have fabric choices to suit all colours, designs and budgets so don’t hesitate to ask to see our extensive range of fabric solutions.


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