White Boards

 We offer a full range of Whiteboards to meet your specific needs:

* Magnetic and Non Magnetic
* Porcelain Whiteboards.
* Electronic Whiteboards.
* Freestanding Whiteboards.
* Whiteboards with Graphics,
    with your own design.
* Whiteboards in various
* Glassboards.
     – Optional Magnetic.
     – Comes in a variety of
* Iceboards.
   – Frosted finish safety glass, stain resistant.
* Lockable Cabinet Whiteboards.
* ½ Whiteboard and ½ Pinboard.
* Write N Wipe Planners.
   – (solid writing boards, not cardboard).
* Prepetual Year Planners.
   – (magnetic whiteboards with pre printed info).
* Term Deluxe Planner Whiteboards.
* Annual Leave Planner Boards.
* Staff in Out Boards.
* Chalkboards.
* Communication Room Dividers, (1800mmH x 900mmW).
   – Magnetic Whiteboard one side and Pinnable Fabric on other.
   – On castors.
   – Can link as many together as required.

All available in a range of sizes and warranties.

We can Supply, Deliver & Install.

Our most popular models include:-
Porcelain Whiteboards, Magnetic Whiteboards, Glassboards & Freestanding Whiteboards.